Dear parents and guardians,

After reviewing comments from the recent survey on remote learning, we are giving families the option
to keep and continue using district iPads, Chromebooks or laptops over the summer.

Who can keep a device
Students continuing at their current school in the fall, transitioning to middle or high school or moving
from one VPS school to another may keep their device through the summer. For those students
transitioning to a new school a new device will be issued in the fall.

While VPS will not require school work over the summer, your child will gain additional benefits from
keeping his/her device. The applications and past lessons will be available for review and continued
learning. Your child will be able to pursue topics and areas of interest, and families will be able to learn

For your child’s safety, access to content on the iPads and laptops will continue to be filtered through
the district’s network. Rules and expectations regarding the appropriate use of district technology also
will remain in effect.

Options for returning devices
If your child will not be enrolled in a VPS school next year or you do not wish to keep the device over the
summer, please return the device to our school on:

June 19th between 8 am to 12 pm in the Hoover Gym

Technical support
If your device needs repair or if you need technical assistance during the summer, please call the
district’s help desk at 360-313-5400 or email


Alex Otoupal, Principal