Dear River Community:


We are finishing our second week of remote learning and I’d like to provide you with some updates and resources based on what we have learned so far. Below are some frequently asked questions with some answers and links to resources to help you navigate the remainder of the school year.

Here are five big questions that we are answering in this letter:

1. How am I being graded?
Due to the emergency closure of schools and the move to remote learning, the State Board of Education provides flexibility for schools and students to meet their educational requirements. While schools and students are expected to make a “good faith effort” in meeting these requirements, “students will not be negatively impacted by circumstances out of their control.”
We understand that remote learning creates new challenges. Our promise to our families and students is that grades will not be harmed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Are current grades final? No. Typically, 3rd quarter progress grades are posted in late April. This aligns, usually, with Parent/Teacher Conferences. Given our current circumstances, grades will be posted and updated as we continue to move through the spring. Continue to check in with your teachers on your progress via Skyward.
High school students have two options for Semester Two grading: Credit/no credit or a letter grade. River Faculty will work with you to jointly determine your best option by June 1. If students do not make a choice, they will receive a credit /no credit grade on their transcript. The credit/no credit option will not impact a student’s cumulative grade point average. Students in dual credit courses may only earn college credit by selecting the option for a letter grade. Students who wish to maintain NCAA eligibility should check with the clearinghouse before choosing an option. Students should check with their counselor if they have questions.

We have a multitude of supports in place linked in this letter and on our HUB.

3. How do I keep track of my school assignments and commitments and stay organized?

A. Check out River’s Faculty “Look Book” – This is designed to connect you with each faculty member, their management system, office hours and direct contact information.

B. Please review our recommended organizational tool: “Week at a Glance” this is a printable/fillable document for your use. You will be prompted to “make a copy.” We encourage you to print or fill it out electronically as a tool for organization.

C. Follow this link to general reminders and guidelines about River’s Remote learning plan.
More about our remote learning organizer: “Week at a Glance”
The linked student “Week at a Glance” above is a document created for students to use to organize their weekly remote learning activities and prioritize tasks.

Because we have access to multiple digital tools and different teachers are using different platforms to best serve their students; we have created a remote learning organizer for students and families. This tool can be used to organize each student’s different course resources and communication information. We recommend students and families use this organizer to help keep track of their different class resources. The River HUB is also designed to make finding teacher contact info and course resources easier to find and located in one place.

4. How do I find information specifically related to the Class of 2020?

● Follow this link for general updates for the Class of 2020 from Vancouver Public Schools. This includes the key dates for the last day of school, materials check in, etc.
● River Yearbook questions can be sent to
● Ongoing recognition of the Class of 2020: please stay tuned as our orchestrated plan evolves, we will be capitalizing on Emmy Award winning CRTV to help. More to come.
● #BethelightWA / Friday Night Lights: We will continue to follow the Governor’s directives. Students and families please continue to “Stay Home/Stay Safe” We hope to participate in “BetheLightWA” soon after Friday, May 8. River Athletics via @ColRiverSports on Twitter will be posting information as this opportunity develops.

5. How and when do students forecast for classes for the 2020/21 school year?
Most 9th and 11th grade students completed forecasting before the school closure. We will be sending out a digital form for any students who have not completed forecasting on Tuesday, April 21st. Please contact your counselor if you do not receive communication from them.

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Thank you for your continued partnership as we work through this experience. Please stay safe and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or your student’s teachers directly if you have questions or concerns.

Take Care!

Alex Otoupal, Principal/Head of School