Dear River Community:
We are now four weeks into our remote learning experience. We are continuing to fine tune the
process and are always working to improve. Your feedback is needed as it helps us better
understand your perspective, experience and provides guidance on how we can adjust to your
needs. Please do not ever hesitate to contact River Faculty.

I want to recap what we have previously communicated because this is all new territory for each
of us. On Wednesday, April 22 we received guidance from Superintendent Reykdal clarifying
the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s directive for grading and awarding credits for all
schools across the state of Washington. There are significant implications for high school
students in these new policies.

We now can better inform you on what to expect with regard to grading, report cards and
students’ high school transcripts. It has been mandated that no student will receive an F grade
for any traditional course during Semester 2 for the 2019- 2020 school year. Students are
expected to keep working toward improvement.

We are building grade reports and will be sharing each grade for each student as it stood on
March 17, 2020. This is the “BaseLine grade” that we will use in honoring previous
work. Separately, after May 7, 2020 you will receive updated current progress. I want to be
abundantly clear; learning has continued, work completed since March 17 impacts the grade
that teachers will eventually post in June at the end of the semester (June 19).

We are mindful of the overwhelming amount of information and stress put on families at this
time. Each of you are balancing multiple learning platforms with faculty who are side by side
with you in the troubleshooting process of these new experiences. We are republishing some of
the resources we think will help you stay organized and focused. Thank you for hanging in
there with us. Working together is the only way for moving forward from this global pandemic.

Seniors, please be sure to join the Canvas Course that began today to be informed about our
upcoming feedback opportunities regarding Senior Hall of Fame, Senior Awards and Senior
Commencement Speakers in the coming weeks. We are excited to hear what Governor
Inslee’s message is later tonight about the next steps in our “Stay at Home” order. Next week
we will hopefully be able to officially announce our plans for cap and gown pick up. Until then,
enjoy today’s episode of our Emmy Award Winning CRTV news. Tune in here.

Take Care,
Alex Otoupal
Principal/Head of School