Dear River,

As we are beginning to put the finishing touches on our first semester of River Remote 2.0 you will find a massive amount of vital information in our January news.

With a graduation date set for the Class of 2021, I will be dropping in over classroom zooms in the next couple of weeks to get Senior Class input on River’s caps and gown. Seniors, commencement will be here before you know it and we will be planning side by side for the next months as we make our way to the finish line.

Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 please take careful note of the information in this newsletter about post high school plans and magnet opportunities within Vancouver Public Schools. There is something for everyone when you consider your plans for taking advantage of the amazing support we have available as you plan. And, don’t forget to apply for our Varsity Academic Awards. This tradition and recognition is unique to River.

Class of 2024, as you gear up for Semester 1 Finals, be certain to be proactive with your teachers and seek out help if you need it. Take advantage of every moment you can on your Zoom meetings. Like a good Marvel movie, there is always something worthwhile at the end of the program.

Finally – we welcome applications to the International Baccalaureate for the Class of 2025.

Please note the details involved with the application process. We have expanded our program offerings and I am proud of the evolution of our school wide efforts to ensure “IB for All”.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy New Year!

Alex Otoupal

Principal/ Head of School